Starting a long weekend , I decided to post and have a bit of fun…

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.”
― Brene Brown

People oftentimes forget that this life should be fun. So much of what’s online today lacks seems scripted and phony with no real connection. Many people are simply afraid to vulnerable and are themselves. So instead they try to be the professional, what they express seems canned and like everyone else. Hello, Pink and Gold theme!

I want to see the people’s weird quirks because it makes them interesting and keeps me learning. I mean when you went to school didn’t you want the 64 pack of crayons, not the 8 pack. We fear to be different but love choices.
Being a mother is the most important Human connection. Being the best, you mean you must authentically connect with people. But that’s what people really want, I really want… the HUMAN connection, warts and all.
I’ve decided to be vulnerable and share 5 things unique to me, pet peeves and closely guarded secrets…

1. First the pets, I have 3 dogs in my home, I can’t say they are mine because really don’t animals really choose who their person is. One dog is a 3-pound Yorkshire terrier who has been unwittingly on parade floats and global scrapbooks. Our other dog is a big beautiful 85-pound Siberian husky who is epileptic. When you say alpha dog, she takes it one step further, the only ones who can tell her what to do are the 3-pound Yorkie, the Russian Blue cat and me. The last dog is our sole male representative in my house. Bless his heart, all 8 pounds of Rat Terrier does his best to maintain his male dignity in a home of 7 females.

2. I am an Arizona, Phoenix native, and never left. I am still thinking about it though, but where, mountains, ocean…

3. That being said three things really irritate me about when people talk about my state. First, I have been here X years, so I am just like a native. No, no you are no. You were not born here. You can adopt the state as your home, but you are NOT a native.

4. Not all Arizonans are racists, no, and especially not the native Arizonans. We were the wild wild west, 48th to join the union and with that is a sense of we are all in this together. It can be hard when you are not friendly, and everyone here deserves their space. Which brings me to number 5.

5. I grew up with no air conditioning in my homes or cars as a kid so please for the love of all that is good stop with “It’s a dry heat”. Dry does not make a 115-degree day any better, especially when you have to use a towel to drive your car or open doors. Please just stop with that. We have no solace at night with a temperature drop nor do we get the benefit of a cooling breeze or shade our humidified friends can enjoy. We get a marathon of 100-degree temperatures from generally Easter until late October.

Whew, that felt amazing to get off my chest and out of my mind. I’d love to hear a bit about you!

  • Are you afraid to be vulnerable?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Where did you grow up?
  • What are some of your peeves that people say about your hometown?

Feel free to post in the comments with your own quirks!

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